Broadcast theme

Tips and detailed information about v5.1 release

Additional information on recent Broadcast updates
Fresh new design for the featured product section with new image scrolling options and additional section settings:
Discover the new vertical and horizontal image scrolling options with this quick video:
You have the option to add a background image to enhance the appearance of the section:
Note: When a background image is used, the full-width horizontal scrolling effect is disabled. Vertical scrolling and regular horizontal scrolling are not affected.

Image with text slider section

A new section added to Broadcast is a two-column image and text section with multiple text blocks. You can now add multiple text blocks which will customers can slide through for additional information.
Watch this short video walk-through on the section and block settings:
On mobile devices, the images will rotate automatically and customers can swipe through the text blocks:
The slider navigation style can be adjusted under the Theme settings:

Color swatches

Swatches are now easier to manage and control. All the settings for color swatches around are found under the Theme settings -> Swatches
Key changes
  • Color codes are now managed under the Theme settings.
  • Swatch Images are now used from the Shopify files.
  • Siblings can now use a color swatch instead of a product image.
Video walk-through on all the changes:

Tab collection section

A new grid layout option for the desktop has been added for displaying the products within a tabbed collection. You can easily choose between the slider style or the new grid option:
In addition to the product layout, you can position the tabs with different layout options:
Left aligned
Center aligned

Scrolling text section

You can now add a background image to the scrolling text section and also image blocks in-line:
Video overview - Scrolling text updates:

Header line

An option has been added to help build a separation between the header and content:
Use the separator opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the line.

Header sizing

You can now adjust the padding in the header area to make larger or tighter headers:


A terms and conditions checkbox option has been added:
Use the Theme settings -> Cart to toggle. When enabled, the customer must check the box in order to proceed with checkout.