Broadcast theme

Product badges

Add custom product badges or sometimes known as stickers to individual products
Custom product badges in Broadcast allow you to create any type of badge or sticker for each of your products.
Custom Subscribe badge
Example Black Friday merchandising

Badge colors

Use the Broadcast theme settings to modify the background and foreground colors for Sale badges and Custom product badges:

How to create custom badges

Custom badges are easy to create and all done in your Product setup. You simply add a tag to any of your products with a custom prefix.
When Broadcast sees the custom tag, it sticks the badge right onto the product in any grid view like collections, searches, recommendations, and more.

Creating custom tags

When Broadcast sees a product that has a tag beginning with _badge_, it will take the following portion and apply that as the custom badge.
Example: _badge_Black_Friday
Separate multiple words with underscore
Displayed as:

Additional examples

Tag: _badge_subscribe
Displayed as:
Background color adjusted in theme settings