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Pre-order using metafields

Replace the add-to-cart button with a pre-order button using metafields
Feature introduced in Broadcast 3.2
Broadcast supports metafields for creating pre-order products.
When you define a preorder metafield, you can easily toggle on or off the preorder feature which converts the Add to Cart button to a Pre-order button.
On the main product page, the Add to Cart button is replaced with a Pre-order button:
Add to Cart button is replaced with a Pre-order button (spelling and letter case can be changed)
When viewing a collection page or any product grid-style section, a PRE-ORDER badge is added to the product:
PRE-ORDER badge added on collection page
Quick Add button is changed to Pre-Order:
Quick Add button is replaced with a PRE-ORDER button (on hover)
In the cart drawer and cart page, a message is included to indicate that the item is a pre-order:
Cart includes Pre-order message

How to setup

Setting up a preorder metafield is very simple and can be done right in your Shopify Admin.
This video covers all the steps needed for creating a preorder metafield plus additional customization options:
Video walk-through


You can use the following reference information to help with the steps covered in the video.

Metafield definition

Create a product metafield with the namespace and key set to:
Set the content type to True or false

Product setup

In the Metafields section of any product that you'd like to use the feature, change the preorder value to True:
Bottom of product setup page in the Shopify Admin -> Products

Preorder template

To remove the Buy it now button as shown in the video, you can create a preorder product template and uncheck Show dynamic checkout buttons under the Form block:

Additional information

When selling pre-order products on your store, you may want to manually capture payments:

Manually capture payments

Pre-order products
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Click to view more information on payment captures
You can customize the button text for pre-orders to match your language or simply use different wording:

Customize the button text

Pre-order products
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Click to view more information on changing the button label