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Modifications for Siblings feature
Product siblings by default are used to replace the color variant by grouping similar products and generating custom swatches for each color option.
If you would like to change the Siblings feature to replace to be used with other variant types instead, you can apply a global change to accommodate that.
For example, if your store sells paintings, you can use Siblings to show different frame styles for one painting.

Changing the Color label

In the above example, if your store is selling are artwork and would rather replace the Color label with Styles:
Style used instead of Color
This can easily be done by editing the default theme content (also known as the language editor):
Change the value under General -> Siblings:
Tip: Be sure the field is for Siblings and not Swatches
Change to the value you prefer:


When changing the Siblings Label value in the default theme content, the change becomes global. The Siblings feature will always show the new value ("Style") for any Siblings products you build on your store.
You can still use regular Swatches for other products and display "Color" as a label for those. However, any Siblings products will have the new value "Style" from our example.