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Siblings product setup

Product admin
Feature introduced in Broadcast 3.5
After creating the metafields in the previous steps, we complete the setup in the Product Admin. Add the associating information to each of the newly created metafields for each product.

Siblings color

This value is to identify the swatch (color) and label-name of the swatch.
A nice advantage when using Siblings is the ability to create descriptive names for each swatch.
You're not limited to basic color names:
Example of siblings color value, Classic Light Blue
The siblings_color metafield value can be a long descriptive color name

Siblings collection

This metafield is used to map each product to the correct collection they belong to. Each group of products should have already been added to a collection.
For example, each product sibling for the product "The All Day Shirt" belongs to a collection with the handle of sibling-collarless:
Siblings collection is shown as simply siblings

Collection handle

Be sure to obtain the correct collection handle. Start choosing the collection you created:
Next, click on the Edit website SEO link:
Select and copy the entire handle at the end of the URL handle:
Verify you have the correct handle from the collection that is used for this current set of products.
Use this collection handle from the Search engine listing preview -> URL handle as the value in your Siblings collection metafield:

Complete for all products

Update the values for each of the products in your Siblings Collection with:
  1. 1.
    Siblings color
  2. 2.
Once completed, the final step is to add the Siblings block to the Product pages section in the Theme Editor: